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Five reasons for a basement swimming pool

Peter Little | CEO

Published | 12th Jul 2018


Imagine being able to cool off in the recent heatwave by diving into your own underground swimming pool! The dream may not be as crazy as you had once thought.

Once seen as the playthings of celebrities, Saudi princes or Russian oligarchs, basement swimming pools are surprisingly sought after by hard-working Londoners and their families. And there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your budget…

Water workout

Basement gyms are a popular choice among Londoners, so if fitness is your main aim, then an endless pool ( may be the choice for you. These clever pools measure from just 2.44m x 4.57m x 1.4m deep and contain a 5hp swim current generator which provides resistance as you swim. They are suited to all levels of swimmers and the various products and designs include a spa version, with a Jacuzzi at one end. Bespoke options include hydromassage jets for water therapy, Bluetooth surround sound speakers, and LED lighting.

Pools for pampering

Fancy having your own underground spa, a cosy retreat you can hide away in to soak away the stresses of the day? If this is your goal, then there are several options. You might enjoy a plunge pool – a bijou, deep pool where you can take a quick dip in and out in between visiting the sauna and the steam room. Alternatively, enjoy the calming influence of a hot tub or Jacuzzi, full of massaging bubbles for an instant mind and body soother – fill the basement with aromatherapy oils and soothing music and float away!

Social swimming

If a pool party is more your style, then choose from any of our basement pool designs. It’s not unheard of to have a full-size 25m pool installed under your home, or you may prefer a more decorative shape with graded steps and beautifully tiled surrounds. If you plan to entertain children, opt for moveable floors which allow you to adjust the pool depth to make it safe for non-swimmers or a better depth for aqua aerobics and pool therapy classes.

Natural filtration

Chlorinated pools are all well and good but you can’t beat the feeling of swimming in a pool that’s chemical-free. No more stinging eyes or dry hair – just pure water that’s filtered biologically.

Poolside cover-ups

Perhaps you love the idea of having a large underground pool in your basement but you’re concerned it will take up precious room that could be used for other activities. Then a retractable floor cover is your solution! These moveable floors allow you to cover over your pool, creating a hard surface which you can walk, dance or play on. Just a flick of a switch converts the space back to a pool – the best of both underground worlds!

Peter Little | CEO

Published | 12th Jul 2018

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