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How much disruption can I expect from a basement build?

Peter Little | CEO

Published | 8th Dec 2017


Worried about noise, disruption and upsetting the neighbours? It depends on the builders you use…

If you want a fabulous new space constructed under your home, there’s no getting around the fact that there’s going to be some level of disruption. Yes, construction work is dirty, messy and noisy. It may also be trying for your neighbours at times. However, it’s the way your builders manage these issues that can make the difference between a build running smoothly or one that you wished you’d never started at all! Here’s how Cool Basements can make a difference…

1. Keeping it clean

At Cool Basements, we operate a clean and tidy site at all times. You could say we’re completely paranoid about cleanliness and we’re always proud to make sure our site is the cleanest on the street! We jet wash the whole site down every evening so there’s no builders’ dust and muck to trail through your home, and we make sure our trucks and vans are parked considerately on the street at all times.

2. Neighbourhood watch

With many years’ experience building basements in London, we know how essential it is to accommodate the neighbours. In our experience this helps the whole project run much more smoothly. That’s why we make it our priority to get on with your neighbours and we will work round their and your timetables. For example, if one of you has a new baby, we’ll make sure to put our heavy duty machinery away during nap times. Sometimes, disruption is unavoidable, and if that is the case we will be the first to turn up to your neighbours’ homes with a bouquet of flowers or bottle of champagne as way of making amends.

3. Volume control

When it comes to noise, we reckon the bulk of the excavation should take about two weeks. This is the noisiest part of the build, but out of a 24-week schedule, that’s not bad going. Our working days are generally 8am-4pm, while most people on the street are out at work, and we don’t work at the weekends, which gives everyone some breathing space.

At the end of the day we are professionals and we want you and your neighbours to be happy with our work. And if that means going an extra mile to keep everyone on side, then we’ll make sure we go two miles or more! If you or your neighbours are concerned about any aspect of the build, please do get in touch and talk to one of our friendly advisers.

Peter Little | CEO

Published | 8th Dec 2017

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